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Tagging Information:* Some of our guidelines have changed.  Please read them carefully.  We are no longer accepting items tagged from other consignment sales.  Also, there is a 100 item limit (unless approved by us).

    Clothing must be on WIRE hangers with the hanger hook pointing to the LEFT.

    Place tag vertically on the right shoulder.

    Please place a red X on the bottom left corner of the card if you DO NOT want your items to sell half price on Saturday.


    Fill out cards as shown in the picture at right.  Your consignor number is the first letter of your last name and the last 4 digits of your phone number.  Please begin writing about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the card.  Put safety pin in the blank area at the top of the card.  Be sure all writing is BELOW the pin.

    Use $1 increment in pricing, no 50, etc.

    On larger items, such as maternity or dresses, please secure them with safety pins so they won’t fall in the floor.

    Pin sets together by hanging the shirt first, then pin the shorts by the waist onto the top of the hanger (at the shoulders). 

    Hang pants or shorts by the waist with safety pins.  Attach to top of hanger so that they will not slide.  If you use clothes pins, your clothes WILL end up in the floor as several hundred hands will touch them!

Spend a little extra time, and your items will sell better.

sample tag


Tips to help you sell your clothes:

    Clean, fresh smelling, and pressed clothes with buttons and zippers closed look newer and sell better.


    Sets sell better (pants or skirt and matching top).


    Shoes must be in very good condition and clean.


    As a guideline, most items in excellent condition sell at an average of 60-70% off the retail price.  Of course, better quality items such as boutique and name brands tend to hold their resale value better.


    Baby furniture, equipment and toys should be clean and have all parts.  Attach small pieces to the main part with a Ziploc bag and packaging tape.


    Clear packaging tape is great for securing the bags so small hands can’t reach in.  Please don’t use scotch tape; it will not hold.


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